Partners – Expert Advisory Board

The Expert Advisory Board [EAB] will be composed of five international senior experts of recognized prestige on the subjects covered by ANYWHERE.

Virginia Murray (Public Health England, UK):
Disaster Risk Reduction. Health impacts

Zbigniew Kundzewicz (Institute for Agricultural and Forest Environment of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland):
Climate global change and adaptation.

Jesús San Miguel (DG Joint Research Center, Italy):
Fire anticipation and impacts. Decision Support Systems.

Matthias Steiner (National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA):
Translating meteorological forecasts into hazard impacts. Transportation impacts.

Isztar Zawadzki (McGill University, Canada):
Probabilistic meteorological forecasts. Translating forecasts into hazard impacts.

Matteo E. Bonfanti (ETH Center for Security Studies, Switzerland)
Ethical, Legal and Fundamental Rights expert.

Martin Beniston (Institute of Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva)
Regional climate modeling and climate impacts assessments. Analyses of extreme events.

They will give very specialized scientific and technical support to the Executive Board and they will supervise and evaluate the progress of the project. They will provide 3 progress evolution reports.

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