Hands-on training activity on ANYWHERE for EU DSS platform (A4EU) – SUMMARY

The ANYWHERE Hands-on training activity on new tools to support real time response during weather induced emergencies was intended to representatives from the different Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) organisations around Europe that were trained in the use of the A4EU platform to support the operational emergency response in front of potential severe weather-induced events. The participants were able to interact with professional meteorological forecasters, as well as with the operational staff belonging to the Pilot Sites that are using the platform in their emergency control centres and the technological developers who have deployed the different prototypes.

70 participants.



The Training Activity was developed under the auspices of the Anywhere Project, and it was held on 6th-7th March at the Spanish Civil Protection School (ENPC) located in Madrid (Spain). Lectures on basic aspects of the forecasting products included for a variety of potential weather-induced hazards were complemented with practical sessions where participants practiced with the tools applied to case studies derived from real emergency situations.


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